Duplo FKS KB - 2000

FKS PrintBind KB-2000 | ref.č. 1794

Manufacturer: FKS
Perfect Binder for Hot-Melt-Adhesive books binding.



 1794 Duplo FKS KB 2000 002 1794 Duplo FKS KB 2000 003 

  • Production year: 2009
  • Condition: good

The KB2000 is a single-clamp binder that uses hot-melt adhesive only.It’s a single-operator machine,where the clamp does the whole spine prep,bind,cover nip and delivery in one pass (some other small binders bring the book block back to the operator for the cover to be put on).This single-pass opration is responsible for the fact that the KB2000 is about 50 books per hour faster than any other adhesive binder in its bracket.The machine’s clamp and its cover nipping device are both pneumatically controlled. Book thickness is dialled in at make-ready timend the bind cycle is initiated by a button on the control pad.

Technical parameters:

Min. book size 60 x 120 mm
Max. book size 305 x 320 mm
Min. book thickness 3 sheet 80 g/m2
Max. cover size 780 x 320 mm
Recommended cover grammar 150 - 300 g/m2
Max. book thickness 2 - 60 mm
Max. speed 320 cycles/hour
Preheating time about 30 minut
Glueing 2 glue rollers
Power supply a consuption 230 V/50 Hz/16 A, 1,35 kW
Machine sizes (LxWxH), weight 1320 x 670 x 1380 mm, 185 kg

EVA Hotmelt:

  • easy to use
  • very short time for adjustment
  • possilbility of other quick manipulation