EBA 430 M

EBA 430 M | ref. no. 1568

Manufacturer: EBA
Cutting machine. Action SPRING price 690,- EUR


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Manual guillotine with 430 mm cutting length for paper sizes up to A3

Blade from high quality steel, manual paper clamp

Side lay graduated in cm and inches, hand crank with calibration ring for fine adjustment of backgauge

Spindle driven backgauge for precise positioning, blade lock

Safety guard on front table, adjustable blade depth, safe and fast blade change

Adjustable blade guides, blade changing device with covered cutting edge

It is supply as a table machine.

Machine has  a „Safety Cutting System“

Technical parameters:

Precision hydraulic knife gear and stack press
Cutting length 430 mm
Cutting height 40 mm
Power connection 230 V / 50 hz