Wohlenberg 76Wohlenberg 76

Wohlenberg 76 | ref.no. 1795

Manufacturer: Wohlenberg
Ideal guillotine for commercial printers and finishers and bindery work.


Description – general information
Wohlenberg High-Speed Guillotine. Individual cut, programmed cut, cut repetition. Clamp only (without cut). Actual value transfer. Hints for paper turning. Automatic paper ejection. Feed correction. Correction of sizes cut from one sheet. Password protection for cutting programs. Pocket calculator functions. Sorting programs in numerical or alphabetical order.

Cut counter. Log book function. Modern machine auto-diagnosis. Text information for operator’s guidance.


1795 Wohlenberg 002 1795 Wohlenberg 001

Year of production: 2005
Condition: good

  • Color display, passive
  • Alpha-numeric keyboard
  • Disk drive
  • Safety light barrier
  • Stand-by function
  • Electronic log book Autoprogrammer
  • Perspex rear table cover
  • Stainless steel side table, right hand, 76/92 (540 mm x 675 mm)


Cutting lenght 76 cm
Depth of rear table 76 cm
Clamp opening without clamp plate 12 cm
Table height 87 cm
Clamp pressure min./max. 2 -25 kN
Speed max. 30 cm/s
Smallest cut without/with clamp plate, automatic 24/77 mm
Power consumption /with ASE/ 3,5 kVA
Weight 1650 kg
Machine width /including side tables/ 140 cm
Machine depth 183 cm