Eurofold Touchline CP 375Eurofold Touchline CP 375

Eurofold Touchline CP 375 | ref. no. 1748

Manufacturer: Multigraf
Automatic Perforating & Creasing Machine for paper up to 400 gsm.


Due to the interchangeable tools, the new Touchline CP375 MONO can be diverted from a creasing into a perforating machine or vice versa within no time. In conjunction with the online creasing and folding machine TCF375, the CP375 MONO will be able to produce even more complex jobs online: perforating, creasing and folding all in one operation.

This machine is fully working and ready for sale immediately.


Euofold Touchline CP 375 (RF1748) Euofold Touchline CP 375 (RF1748) Euofold Touchline CP 375 (RF1748) Euofold Touchline CP 375 (RF1748) 

Product video: Eurofold Touchline CP 375

  • Year of production: 2013
  • Condition: very good, fully functional


Feeder:       vacuum belt
High of the stack:                180 mm
Min. paper size:            105 x 148 mm
Max. paper size:               375 x 660 mm, 375 x 1050 mm with long paper tray
Paper weight - perforating:                  80 - 300 gsm or max. 0,3 mm
Paper weight – creasing: 80 - 400gsm or max. 0,4 mm
Max. numbers of creasing/arch: 20
Max. speed: 5000 A4/hour


Max. number of perforating:     20/arch
Min. distance:     3 mm
Number of tools:          1 perforating /max. 4 rot. heads
Type of perforating:              11, 17, 26 TP1


Max. number of creases:     20/arch
Min. distance:     1 mm
Number of tools:          1 creasing tool incl. 2 perforating