MBO M60 | ref.no. 1793

Manufacturer: MBO
Folding machine size 60 x 84 cm, 6 pockets, including delivery 46 ME, speed 30 m/min.



1793 MBO M60 001 1793 MBO M60 002 1793 MBO M60 003 1793 MBO M60 005 1793 MBO M60 006 1793 MBO M60 007 1793 MBO M60 008 1793 MBO M60 009

  • Year of production: 2014
  • Condition: fully functional
  • Counter: 14,7 mio

Machine configuration:

• MBO M60 modular folding system K SKTL
o M1 – control system "Advanced"
o F60 basic configuration

• Pile feeder
o Suction wheel
o Vacustar loading head
o Air pump DVT 3.80, air volume 70-82 m³/h
o Inclined table with conveyor belts - basic configuration (including double-sheet control)
o Bar with the balls

• First folding unit – Parallel fold – 6 pockets
o Virotec folding rollers
o Folding rollers setting - manual
o Knife shaft cassette MKW with simply mounted knife shaft, with rollers driven by the drive belts (only manual setting possible)
o Combi-folding pockets – manual setting (overal: 5 combi-folding pockets and the first pocket with hinged point)
o Modular system of a parallel fold FWI M80, 6 pockets

• Cross fold – KBT60 with pocket
o Virotec folding rollers
o DB40 cross fold with the 3rd fold
o Swinging gripper
o Setting of the folding roller including knife shaft - manual
o Combi-folding pockets – manual setting

• Third fold – DB 40
o Virotec folding rollers
o Holder/gripper
o Setting of the folding rollers – manual setting without knife shaft
o F60+M60 6 pockets – fully covered
o KB60 /KBT60 - fully covered
o DB40 - fully covered

• SBAP 46 ME Delivery Unit
o M1 Control for the delivery


Max. size 60 x 84 cm
Min. size 15 x 25 cm
Min. fold length 6 cm
Speed 30 m/min.