Schmedt PräFormSchmedt PräForm

Schmedt PräForm | 1823

Manufacturer: Schmedt
Press for gluing endpapers and machine burning groove.



1823 Schmedt PräForm 001 1823 Schmedt PräForm 002 1823 Schmedt PräForm 003 1823 Schmedt PräForm 004

  • Year production: 1994
  • Condition: functional

The PräForm machine is recommended use together with PräLeg machine for complete book making.

The PräForm is a machine for pressing books after the hanging in and the simultaneous baking of the fold. The PräForm is equipped with 520 x 450 mm light metal press plates and heated burn-in strips. The preform is designed for the joint use with the PräLeg suspension machine. It also processes single books in the assortment as well as series in the industrial sector. Burning strips are installed in rounded form. These are especially suitable for cellophane and laminated papers, but also for other cover materials such as fabrics. Optionally for the PräForm are also pointed or rectangular baking strips available. The pressure of the baking strips in the rebate can be adjusted by means of the compressed air regulation, independent of the set pressure, and can thus be adapted according to the selected binding material and the desired rebate depth. The temperature of the burnt-in strips is controlled by the operating display and is adapted according to the adhesive properties, binding material and also the working speed

After hanging, the book is placed on the lower press plate so that the groove lying on the bottom of the baking tray. Optical indicator groove (light lines) indicates the upper burner rail. In the production of individual books may be the upper press plate of the firing bar triggered by a foot pedal in order to more precisely align the book. For mass production ready rear stop, which adjusts the size of the book, and this ensures always the same alignment. Pressing starts pressing. Pressing pressures firing rails increases only when already there is a pressing platens. This is achieved in that the groove top and bottom in each case uniformly burned. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the temperature, pressure and time stamping dies rail product. After the set press time machine opens automatically. The finished book can now be removed. Now generally still book for drying go to the pile, it should not be, however, subsequently compressed again. Operating speed and the operator PräForm is tuned to use our machines PräLeg the suspension. Both machines can be operated by one person, thereby achieving an excellent productivity. Of course it is also possible without problems manually pressing suspended (or. Clinging Lens) books.

Advantages of PräForm machines
• Pressing and firing grooves in one operation. This leads to time savings.
• stoving of the groove into the still fresh adhesive achieves unmatched durability in the groove, and without crushing the grooves in the manufacture of book covers.
• Achieves a clear visual improvement in the shape of the finished books. The groove is clear and persistent.
• For pressing bookbinding thicker material (such as cloth, artificial leather etc.) offer baking moldings sharp shape.

Technical parameters:

Base areas (footprint) 88 x 81 cm
Machine height 147 cm
Machine weight 265 kg
Electrical connection 230V/50 Hz/2,0 kW
Pressurized air connection 6 bar
Format ranges  
Book height up to 520 mm 
Book width 120 – 445 mm
Block thickness 8 – 100 mm
Production cca. 150 books/hour