Foliant Gulliver 520AFoliant Gulliver 520A

Foliant Gulliver 520A | 1767

Manufacturer: Foliant
Fully automatic laminating machine up to B2 (52 x 75 cm) size.


FOLIANT Gulliver 520A Laminating machine width 520 mm is professional one side laminator for small and medium production for B2 format and for laminating larger amount of offset and digital printing. This machine allows single-sided and double-sided lamination. The great advantage is simple operation by one person, who does not need to be a specialized technician - he load the stack of sheets into the automatic loader with vacuum feeding and set the machine. Then the sheets are ready for further processing (cutting, creasing ...). The machine is ready (heat) within 5 min.

This machine is ready for sale.


Foliant Gulliver 520A (RF1767) Foliant Gulliver 520A (RF1767) Foliant Gulliver 520A (RF1767) Foliant Gulliver 520A (RF1767) Foliant Gulliver 520A (RF1767) Foliant Gulliver 520A (RF1767) Foliant Gulliver 520A (RF1767) Foliant Gulliver 520A (RF1767) Foliant Gulliver 520A (RF1767)

  • Year of production: 2007
  • Condition: very good, fully functional


Max. speed 15 m / min
Paper weight 115 - 350 gsm
Min. format 320 x 250 mm
Max. format 520 x 740 mm
Capacity - production 1.300 B2 /hour
Temperature control 60 - 140 °C
Separation sheets Automatic
Paper weight 115 - 350 g/m2
Main Rollers Pressure Pneumatic
Voltage, consumption 230 V, 50 Hz, 3500 W 
Dimension 900 x 3370 x 1400 mm
Machine weight 270 kg
Warming up Time  5 minutes
Power Supply 230 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power 3500 W
Floor space (w x l) 100 x 350 cm
Weight 340 kg
Modular Stand Standard
Jogger 530 Optional
Reception Unit RU530 Optional
Decurl Roller Optional
Non-sticky pressure roller



Reception Unit RU530 (optional)*

It is a simple adjustable reception unit for stocking the laminated sheets.

Jogger 530 (optional)*

It is an adjustable vibrating reception unit for the laminated sheets stocking. Its capacity is limited up to a 10 cm pile of sheets.

Non-sticky pressure roller (optional)

Standard rubber pressure roller is replaced by roller with non-sticky surface. Melted glue from film cannot stick to it even under heavy pressure. Cleaning of this roller is not necessary at all. Allows laminating sheets with windows.

Film Supply Roll Shaft (optional)

Extra Film Supply Roll Shaft for quicker film replacement.

*Important – the machine must be operated either with a RU530 or with a Jogger 530.