KAS CreaseMatic Auto50KAS CreaseMatic Auto50

KAS CreaseMatic Auto50 | ref.no. 1759

Manufacturer: KAS
CreaseMatic Auto50 Programmable Card Creaser.


The rise and fall platen creasing action enables positive accurate creasing on stock sizes from CD to 500mm x 700mm at over 8000 sheets per hour. A 99 program memory with a quick and easy setup of up to 35 creases per sheet is standard. A Matrix Bar is supplied to which channel matrix self adhesive matrix can be attached. These channel matrix are available in many sizes, are inexpensive to use and very popular for creasing light weight stocks 80-150gsm. This system provides a single point which is especially useful if the job is to be stitched.

This machine is available and ready to sell.


KAS CreaseMatic AUTO 50 (RF1759) KAS CreaseMatic AUTO 50 (RF1759) KAS CreaseMatic AUTO 50 (RF1759) 1759 KAS 4 KAS CreaseMatic AUTO 50 (RF1759) 


Maximum paper size 500 x 700 mm
Paper weight 80 – 400 g/m2
Number of crease per arch 35
Production Over 8.000 sheets/hour
Memory 99
Feeding vacuum
Creasing tools 4 sizes
Perforating Yes

Standard features

  • Suction fed SRA2 high speed card creaser is designed for higher volume digital and litho printers.
  • Over 8000 sheets per hour.
  • 4 creasing width tools supplied to cover the stock range upto 400 gsm.
  • Top load bottom feed suction system designed for continuous production.
  • Upto 35 creases per sheet.
  • Stock sizes from CD to 500mm x 700mm.
  • Upto 99 memories jobs can be stored.
  • Rotary perforating tool.
  • Floor Standing