Automatic Jogger STA SB1Automatic Jogger STA SB1

Jogger STA SB1 | ref. no. 1705

Automatic jogger STA for guillotines and cutting machines. Special SPRING price 2.400,- EUR



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Year of production: 1998
Condition: Good

Very reliable good quality construction jogging table from Czech manufacturer (STA Zlín) is suitable for production expansion cutters and cutting centers. It enables fast, high-quality and comfortable jogging stacks of paper before cutting. It is equipped with a device for discharging air from paper pile. Reliability and ease of service, immediate local availability of parts, easy repair without demanding service.

Technical parametres:

Working width: 800 x 1100 (*1300) mm
Height range setting: 785 - 925 mm
Max. table height: 165 mm
Dimensions: 1310 x 1695 x 1065 mm (W x H x D)
Voltage and consumptions: (3x380 V/230V/50 Hz) 1,4 kVA
Air consumption: 20ºC:1,2 dm3/cykl při tlaku 0,7 MPa
Air presure: 0,8 MPa


Jogger for right and/or left using
Table with delivery flaps opening
Possible heifht of table setting
Frame portal for discharging rest of the air from pile.