C.P. Bourg BME + 2x Bste

C.P. Bourg BME 2x Bste | ref.no. 1609

Manufacturer: C.P. Bourg
On-line stitching, folding, face trimming. Stitching heads HOHNER, wire stitching.



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Year of production: 2009
Condition: good, fully functional


2x Bste -  - vertical sheets collators

BME – stitching, folding, face trimming, Jogger

General features :

  • Possibility of adding more sheets from one station (on a display can be programmed demanded no. of sheet)
  • Double bookbinding pressing system
  • Control through touch display
  • Possibility of empty bin with trimmings during operation

Technical parameters BME:

Maximal format                                                 370 x 600 mm
Minimal format 115 x 200 mm
Output 5000 sets/hour
Folding                                                                                                              up to 30 sheets (70g/m2)

Technical parameters BST e+:

Maximal sheet size      370 x 600 mm
Minimal sheet size 120 x 170 mm
Storage bin height 70 mm
Output 9000 sets/hour
Paper grammar 50 – 300 g/m2
No. of station 20 (tower 1 no. of pos 10, upgradable upto 60)
Vaccum sheet loading  
Operating throug touch screen  
Process of watching loaded sheets  
Separation of single sheets before loading – special searation system  
Possibility of loading more sheets from one station  
Massive construction  
High level of automatization – operation of collator and BME from one place through touch screen