cp Bourg BME + 2x Bste

cp Bourg BME + 2x Bste | ref.no. 1778

Manufacturer: C.P. Bourg
On-line binding, stitching, folding, face trimming, 2x Bste, Stitching heads HOHNER.



1778 cp Bourg 001w 1778 cp Bourg 002w 1778 cp Bourg 003w 1778 cp Bourg 004w 1778 cp Bourg 005w 1778 cp Bourg 007w 1778 cp Bourg 008w 1778 cp Bourg 010w 1778 cp Bourg 011w 1778 cp Bourg 012w

Year production: 2012/2013
Condition: fully functional


2x Bste - - vertical sheets collators

BME – stitching, folding, face trimming

Features :

  • Stitching heads HOHNER, wirw stitching, possibility of 4 heads for classical šití or loop stitching
    Pocket for manual adding
    Insert of a ½ sheet to a sheet trun by half
    Possibility of folding without stitching
    Possibility of adding more sheets from one station (on a display can be programmed demanded no. of sheet)
    Double bookbinding pressing system
    Control through touch display
    Possibility of empty bin with trimmings during operation

Technical parameters BME:

Maximal format                                                         370 x 600 mm
Minimal format 115 x 200 mm
Output 5000 sets/hour
Folding up too 30 sheets (70g/m2)

Technical parameters BST e+:

Maximal sheet size      370 x 600 mm
Minimal sheet size 120 x 170 mm
Storage bin height 70 mm
Output 9000 sets/hour
Paper grammar 50 – 300 g/m2
No. of station 20 (tower 1 no. of pos 10, upgradable upto 60)
Vaccum sheet loading  
Operating throug touch screen  
Process of watching loaded sheets  
Separation of single sheets before loading – special searation system  
Possibility of loading more sheets from one station Možnost  
Massive construction  
High level of automatization – operation of collator and BME from one place through touch screen inn czech language