Šitá vazba V1 Duplo iSaddleŠitá vazba V1 Duplo iSaddle

Duplo iSaddle | ref.n. 1739

Manufacturer: Duplo
Saddle stitcher for extra flat books with three knife trimmer.



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  • Condition: fully functional, in production
  • Year of production: 2012

Basic information: 

TOP model saddle stitcher line from DUPLO. Fuly automatic setting during 60 sec. Use folding process before sewing. Is possible use for brochure up to 3 mm thicknes (120 sheets 80 gsm), 2-4 Hohner stitching heads. Machine use three knife trimmer.

Machine specification:

Cutted Paper size Max 356 x 610 mm, Min 120 x 210 mm (w x l) 
No cutted book size (Head/foot) Max 356 x 305 mm, Min 120 x 105 mm (w x l)
Cut book size (Head/foot)
Max 356 x 304 mm, Min 120 x 75 mm (w x l)
Cutted brochure size (Head/foot)
Max 174 x 304 mm, Min 114 x 75 mm (w x l)
Speed A5 brochure/hour 4,500 = up to 40 pages
Paper thickness g/m2 64/-300
Max. brochure thickness 3 mm (30 sheets x 80 g/m2)
Stitching heads Standard 2 Hohner heads
Folding rollers Automatic setting
Reel folderss Automatic space setting
Inteligent feeding from more feeders from DSC10/60i Yes possible
Control system PC OS Windows
Max. number of towers 6 x DSC10/60i
Power supply 110-250v/50/60Hz