KBA Rapida 74-8 SW4KBA Rapida 74-8 SW4

KBA Rapida | ref.no. 1777

Manufacturer: KBA/RYOBI
Sheetfed Offset Printing Machine 520x740 mm (B2), 8 colours.



1777 KBA Rapida 748 SW 01w 1777 KBA Rapida 748 SW 02w 1777 KBA Rapida 748 SW 03w 1777 KBA Rapida 748 SW 04w 1777 KBA Rapida 748 SW 05w 1777 KBA Rapida 748 SW 06w 1777 KBA Rapida 748 SW 07w 

  • Year of production: 2006 istalled
  • Condition: very good, fully functional
  • Counter: 125 mio imps.

Basic technical specification:

Perfector SW4
Video system for sheet travel with separate display
Full automatic plate change (FAPC)
Main switch cooler
Central preset for feeder and delivery
LogoTronic Basic with workstation CIPlink
DensiTronic S Professional
Remote control table "Professional" with flat monitor 17" touch screen
AntiStatic package
Intercom between the feeder and delivery
Automatic offset cylinder washing / impression cylinder washing / inking rollers washing Baldwin
Differential drive of dampening unit
Powder sprayer WEKO AP262 with antistatic equipment and remote control from control console
Unregulated cabinet for compressors
Water cooling for each compressors cabinet
Inking unit temperature control with combi cooling unit Contemp ECOCON
Additional spare parts for colour unit - rollers 7 pcs and wet rollers 2 pcs