Challenge CMT 330Challenge CMT 330

Challenge CMT 330 | 1638

Manufacturer: Challenge
Fully digital Three Knife Trimmer with quick and very accuracy adjustment.



1638 CMT330 1638 CMT330 label

  • Year production: 2005
  • Condition: good, fully functional


◾Trim up to 2” / 50.8 mm thick perfect-bound books
◾Virtually maintenance-free design
◾Fully-automated size change in under 20 seconds with no tools required
◾Modular design – can be configured off-line, in-line, or near-line at any time
◾Optional bar code size change capabilities and optional high-speed size change (under 6 seconds)
◾Process up to 400 books per hour – single book mode
◾Process up to 1,000 books per hour – multiple-book mode



Servomotors control Electronical
Memory 99 jobs
Cutting Hydraulic
Max. blok size 241 x 317,5 mm
Min. blok size 102 x 152 mm
Max. width of the block 50,8 mm
Min. cut edge 3,2 mm
Power 400 books/hod
Sizes h: 1549 mm, w: 876 mm, l: 2134 mm
Weight 876 kg
Electricity 230 V, 60 Hz, 3-fáze, 20 A