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Herzog & Heymann KL 45

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The new KL45 folding machine from HERZOG + HEYMANN is a development novelty on the market for jigsaw puzzles for the smallest warehouses. The concept is based on the proven technology of the KL112 puzzle and combines top engineering skills with a good price / performance ratio. The folding system itself offers all the already known advantages, such as the shortest warehouse lengths, the supply of the smallest or. largest formats and optimal processing of thin printing papers. Depending on customer requirements, the KL45 folding system can be equipped with the MBO R530 rotary stacker or the MBO F465 sheet stacker. In both types of loaders, an ultrasonic inspection of double sheets is installed in order to achieve technologically reliable production. In addition, the number of pockets can be varied. The first folding unit can be equipped with 6 or 8 pockets and the second folding unit with 6 or 4 pockets. Existing units (eg knife folding units, presses, labeling equipment, ...) they can be used as separate devices behind the KL45 and can be integrated into an emergency stop circuit. The KL45 folding machine can be extended with gluing systems or quality control systems (eg cameras). Stackers with sheets 177 or 180 upright with a pull-out device or a scale unloader can be used for parallel and cross folds. The result is perfect processing of your production. Radial adjustment of folding rollers Noiseless drive by belts Automatic roller adjustment by feeding strips of paper Pair of cutting shafts HighGrip folding rollers with steel / rubber combination Integrated counter with preselection Ultrasonic inspection of double sheets


ManufacturerHerzog & Heymann
ModelKL 45
T1, t2420 mm
Rotary circular loader r 530 (table length sbt 900 mm)min. 150 x 180 mm / max 450 x 1000 mm
Dimensions - kl45 with loader from stack of sheets f4652500 x 3300 mm
Dimensions - kl45 with rotary round loader r5302500 x 3900 mm
Rotary wheel loader r 530 (table length sbt 900 mm)min. 150 x 180 mm / max 450 x 1000 mm
Working width450 mm
Diameter of folding rollers26 mm
Minimum warehouse length18 mm
Arrangement of pockets8/6, 8/4, 6/6 or 6/4
Length of pockets of the folding unit iT3-T8
Maximum speed150 m / min.
Electric steeringMS-Control
Diameter of folding cylinders26 mm
Max. speed150 m / min.
Electrical controlMS-Control
Dimensions - kl45 with a f465 sheet stacker2500 x 3300 mm