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FORMICA CZ is a comprehensive supplier of finishing technologies for offset and digital operations. The portfolio of more than 30 global suppliers of professional finishing technologies guarantees our customers virtually unlimited growth in view of their current needs.

Amazing Title

No matter who started it, we'll finish it. Complex solution of bookbinding finishing technologies.

We offer a comprehensive solution

We offer a comprehensive solution

Current situation analysis : technology and production processes. 

Identifying reserves and bottlenecks in the manufacturing process and technology. 

Designing solutions to make your production more efficient and open new possibilities for your customers. 

Delivery, installation and training of all technologies supplied by us.

Delivery of new and used technology.

Warranty and post-warranty service, including "24".

Supplies of spare parts and consumables. 

Express delivery of spare parts.

Purchase of used technologies. 

Our story

You meet the services of FORMICA CZ in the field of professional bookbinding finishing technologies since 1995. Throughout the history of our operations, we have a single goal to offer comprehensive services and service.  

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Why choose exactly us?

More than 30 world manufacturers of finishing technologies guarantee the largest technology portfolio for every printer and bookbinder - any size - focusing on both offset and digital - on the Czech and Slovak markets. Thanks to the offer of new and used technology we provide complete service and delivery of spare parts.